The Lithium Polymer Batteries Network

The Lithium Polymer Batteries Network

Lithium Polymer Batteries

Lithium polymer batteries, sometimes called LiPoly packs or LiPos, are popping up in many applications, from hearing aids to laptops to radio controlled model airplanes. How do they work, what are their advantages, and what precautions should be taken with them?Lithium gives the most electrical energy per unit weight of all solid elements, so it’s a popular battery choice.

RC Battery Packs

When considering what type of hobby battery pack to purchase, for a radio controlled model, there are 3 basic types of RC battery packs that can be used with todays RC models; NiCad, NiMH, and LiPo. NiCad or NiCd battery packs are made of nickel and cadmium; these batteries are made of nickel oxide hydroxide and metallic cadmium.

Lithium Polymer Cell

Have you ever wondered about the new types of batteries used in some of the electronic gadgets you own? Well most of these machines use a lithium polymer cell battery which is made to be rechargeable. It has replaced the old traditional cylinder style of battery and is usually found as a pouch type unit.

Lithium Car Battery

The lithium car battery for the Nissan Leaf is estimated to give 100 miles of driving per charge; emissions for the PHEV are estimated at 50lbs of CO2 per charge. In comparison, the EPA states that each gallon of gasoline releases 19.4 pounds of Carbon Dioxide into the air.

Battery Electric Vehicle

The battery electric vehicle is the answer. It’s not only the answer for a wealthy elite class,that can afford to buy sleek electric vehicles that resemble sports cars,it’s the answer for the average farmer,who must buy an electric-powered farm tractor,so he can produce food for the starving masses,while coping with shortages of gasoline.

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