Nutrisystem weight loss program

Nutrisystem is a company that has been delivering weight loss programs to the public for many years. Nutrisystem operates by distributing pre-portioned meals to their customers, who are enrolled in one of several program offerings. Nutrisystem may also include exercise DVDs or food journals with a shipment of food in order to help dieters track their weight loss goals and progress. Nutrisystem has several weight loss programs available, so finding the right one for you takes knowing about each program and what they involve.

Women’s Nutrisystem Weight Loss Program

The women’s Nutrisystem weight loss program is designed especially for women, since women’s bodies process calories and burn energy differently than men’s bodies. This program allows women to choose from over one hundred prepackaged meals and have them delivered right to their doors. While following the Nutrisystem weight loss plan for women, dieters add in their own fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy items, and salads. The goal of the Nutrisystem weight loss program for women is to provide foods that are low on the Glycemic index and have enough fiber to cause a feeling of fullness. This feeling of fullness can prevent the women on this plan from becoming hungry quickly after a meal, and can curb snacking and binging.

Men’s Nutrisystem Weight Loss Program

The men enrolled in the men’s Nutrisystem weight loss program get more food than participants in any other program. The plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert for a total of six eating periods each day. This program also focuses on protein and fiber as a way to cause a feeling of fullness and prevent snacking on unhealthy foods. Men simply eat one of the prepackaged meals along with fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. This Nutrisystem weight loss program does not involve any weighing or measuring, so it’s perfect for men who spend a lot of time traveling or in the office.

Women’s Silver Nutrisystem Weight Loss Program

Older women’s metabolisms tend to slow down, so Nutrisystem has a plan specifically for women over the age of fifty. In addition to foods that contain protein and fiber, the meals in this plan have reduced amounts of sodium, saturated fat, and cholesterol. Participants in this Nutrisystem weight loss program are able to eat six times per day and foods contain soluble fiber and omega-3 fatty acids to prevent hunger in between meals.

Men’s Silver Nutrisystem Weight Loss Program

The men’s silver Nutrisystem weight loss program is very similar to the women’s silver program. It is for men over the age of fifty and focuses on foods that are heart healthy and full of protein and fiber. The major difference between the men’s silver plan and the women’s silver plan is that participants in the men’s plan receive more food since men’s bodies traditionally have faster metabolisms than women’s bodies.

Men’s and Women’s Diabetic Programs

There is a Nutrisystem weight loss program for both men and women who have diabetes. These programs help participants to control their diabetes by offering foods that have low Glycemic index carbohydrates so that they can reduce their weight and keep their carbohydrate intake controlled. Participants in these programs should work with their doctors to determine if these plans are right for their specific medical needs.

Nutrisystem Weight Loss Plan for Vegetarians

Vegetarians don’t have to worry about not being able to sign up for a Nutrisystem weight loss plan anymore, because Nutrisystem now has a plan just for vegetarians. Vegetarians can enroll in the program and choose from over one hundred prepackaged vegetarian entrees, snacks, and desserts. These meals are designed to provide protein and fiber while reducing fat and carbohydrates that are high on the Glycemic index.

If you’re looking to lose weight and don’t have time to cook or measure your food portions, joining a Nutrisystem weight loss program can be one of the best steps you take toward improving your overall health.