Lap-Band Surgery for Weight Loss

With so many weight loss options out there it is hard to know which one is right for you. For some, dieting and exercise are not enough and they must rely on other means. Maybe you have tried dieting, exercise, and even weight loss pills but you either cannot keep it off or just cannot lose the weight. If this is the case, you might want to research a surgery option that is becoming very popular today called lap-band surgery.

The medical term for this particular procedure is Laparoscopic Gastric Binding. This is one of the more low key surgery options with the shortest hospital stay. With the lap-band procedure, a small section of your stomach is banded off from the rest causing a smaller capacity stomach as a result. With this procedure, a small incision approximately 1 cm in diameter is made in your abdomen. A band is placed on the upper part of your stomach through this hole. The band is adjustable and adjustments will not require surgery as the band can be adjusted by a balloon that is connected to it. The surgery takes about forty-five minutes and requires general anesthesia. It is literally a painless procedure. Once the procedure is complete you will have only a small scar if any.

This surgery option has many advantages over the other forms available. With this form there are no staples or any incisions in your stomach. This means less recovery time and less pain. Unlike the other forms of weight loss surgery, this is a completely reversible procedure that can be undone at any time. As you lose weight, your band can be adjusted for your current needs with a doctor’s office visit instead of another surgery. Due to there being no internal incisions, it is also a very safe procedure with very little risk of anything going wrong.

Lap-band surgery leaves you feeling better in a couple of days. Because your stomach is now smaller it will help to control your hunger pangs and help you to eat less over all. As your body adjusts to your eating less, the band will be adjusted. To do the actual adjustment, the doctor will inject a saline solution just below the skin. This will cause the balloon to expand and the band to adjust. In rare cases of extreme vomiting or other ailments, the saline is withdrawn until the symptoms are under control.

Just like any other weight loss surgery, this is a lifelong decision. Once it is in place it is not recommended that it be removed. You will have to keep all check up appointments to make sure everything is as it should be and adjustments made when needed. Following the weight loss diet your physician gives you is also a very important part of the process. If you eat the wrong foods or eat too much it will not only be unhealthy but it can cause problems with your lap-band. Lap-band surgery is a life changing procedure to make you a healthier you.